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As Japan’s only independent media evaluation company,
TRUESTAR implements advertising transaction transparency and improvement of advertising efficiency and productivity.
Our quality-based fee system enables dealing with confidence.

Media Assessment
Planning & Strategy Assessment
PR Assessment
Agency Assessment

We evaluate advertising costs and quality, and check for exposure.

We evaluate the strategic properties and suitability of media plans.

Evaluating exposure of PR and event sponsorship, we implement PR value conversion.

We carry out evaluation and consulting on advertising agency performance.


Making use of a variety of marketing-related data,
we carry out statistical analysis, deriving optimum resolution policies for each case.
When necessary, we can also build simulation systems.

Marketing ROI Analysis
Brand Value Analysis
Retail Analysis
Direct Response Analysis

Using a wide range of marketing data, including advertising submission volume, prices, competitive environments, product power and others, a sales forecasting model is built with statistical analysis.
Based on the model, ROI (or cost effectiveness) is evaluated and the marketing mix is optimized.

The present brand assessment data are analyzed, and a brand value support structure is defined.
Based on that information, we derive policies for value improvement.

Analyzing POS and FSP data, we ascertain optimum pricing, derive sold-out forecasts, and conduct analyses of customer segmentation.

Direct marketing investment and responses are data-based, and efficiency ascertained daily.
This improves investment efficiency.


The present corporate situation is analyzed and ascertained to derive an optimum growth strategy.

Communication Strategy
Product Strategy
Corporate Strategy

Strategies are developed for more efficient and effective communication of a corporation’s products and services to target customers.
Optimum use is made of a variety of communication channels, including advertising, sales promotion, human/personal marketing and word of mouth.

By means of product characteristics-related research and product portfolio analysis, approaches are suggested for optimum by-product marketing investment allocation, and development of new and umbrella products.

By means of suggestions for sales and marketing strategies and optimum value chain management, we support corporate growth strategies striking a balance between income and expenditures.


By means of accurate and high quality analysis, a highly effective investment plan is developed.

Communication Planning
Media Planning
PR Planning

With optimization of advertising media, messages, PR, word of mouth and other communication channels, an effective communication plan is developed to achieve objectives for name recognition rates, purchase intention rates and other communication KPIs, and for such business KPIs as sales, number of shoppers and number of information requests.

Advertising media investment amounts loom especially large in the communication plan. In this connection we plan for maximization of its effects by optimized media investment volume, media mix, media selection, ad submission scheduling and others.

“Advertising cannot create brands” — in this modern era, we set clear KPI objectives visualizing PR effects, and devise strategic PR planning to achieve them.


We provide services for development and supply of operation improvement tools to improve profitability and productivity.

Marketing Dashboard
Marketing Support Tools
Operation Support Tools

We implement unitary management and visualization of a variety of internal and external data. The principal indicators are visualized at all times, and prompt marketing and management decision-making is supported.

We provide development and supply services for marketing data analytical tools for sales forecasting, ROI analysis and text mining. Incorporation of high-level statistical analysis methods is also possible, with optimum customization combining client needs with the environment.

Tools that automate routine work improve operating efficiency. Customization that combines the data used with the necessary output enables automation that eliminates human error, reduces required operating skills, and simplifies operational handover.


The operational process, from requests for information to finished product delivery.



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Company name truestar inc.
Address Ebisu Business Tower. 4F 1-19-19 Ebisu Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0013 Japan
Telephone +81 (0)3 5422 6561
Fax +81 (0)3 5422 6562
Representative Akira Murayama | Representative Director and President
Number of employees 50 persons
Capital ¥12,000,000
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truestar activation inc. | Specializing in Data Visualizing
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  1. Name of company/operation
    truestar inc.,
  2. Manager’s Title, Affiliation, and Contact Information
    Manager title : Takayuki Hirai (Senior Director and CIO)
    Department : Information System
    Tel : +81 (0)3 5422 6561
  3. Purpose of Personal Information
    It will be as follows depending on the subject that you have selected
    A) Request for consulting
    To response to request
    B) Request information
    To send the requested material
    C) Request for recruiting
    To recruit
    D) Other inquiries
    To response to inquiries (including to contact the person)
  4. Request for personal information disclosure
    Customers may submit inquiries to the Company’s relevant department concerning the disclosure of personal information concerning themselves. In this case, the Company shall confirm the customer’s identity and respond within a reasonable period.

    truestar inc.,
    Ebisu Business Tower 4F, 1-19-19 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013, Japan
    Tel: +81 (0)3 5422 6561 (9:30 – 17:30 business hour)
  5. Voluntariness of provision of personal information
    Whether to provide personal information to the Company is entirely up to the customer. However, if the Company does not receive necessary information, it may not be possible to provide certain services in an appropriate manner.

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